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Simple Kindness for Youth


About Us

Our Mission
To help young people build and maintain their self-esteem by providing means to access basic needs, enable them to feel accepted with their peers, and enable access to educational activities and community participation.

Our Commitment
SKY board members are unpaid volunteers. All contributions go directly to the youth of Houghton, Baraga and Keweenaw counties

Sky (Simple Kindness for Youth)
is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Board members:

Lynnette Borree Susan 0'Connell
Teri Braun Gwen Stockwell
Mary Eckhart Elsa Strayer
Kathy Flagstadt Sandy Uusitalo
Robert Megowen Lois Weber
Shelly Smith Risa Williamson
Pam Hiltunen  


News and Events

$100,000.00 MILESTONE!
SKY has given out $100,000 in grants. Each grant has made a difference in the life of one of our local kids. We couldn’t have done it without your support. Thank you!

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Archived Events

boootsSomeone else’s shoes-

“Thank you for helping keep my feet, hands and head warm…when I do my paper route my feet stay warm and dry.”

“I like my new gym shoes… I can jump high.”