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About Us

Sky (Simple Kindness for Youth)
is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Our Mission
To help young people build and maintain their self-esteem by providing means to access basic needs, enable them to feel accepted with their peers, and enable access to educational activities and community participation.

Board members:

Lynnette Borree Susan 0'Connell
Teri Braun Gwen Stockwell
Mary Eckhart Elsa Strayer
Kathy Flagstadt Sandy Uusitalo
Robert Megowen Lois Weber
Janette Polkinghorn Risa Williamson

Our Commitment
SKY board members are unpaid volunteers. All contributions go directly to the youth of Houghton, Baraga and Keweenaw counties.

News and Events

Pasty Fundraiser

SKY is having a pasty fundraiser!

Tickets redeemable for one pasty are on sale now for $5 each from any SKY board member. Pasties can be picked up from Pat's IGA in Hancock or Calumet at any time convenient for you between November 20, 2013 and December 20, 2013.

Pat's is generously allowing SKY to keep a portion of each ticket sold. All SKY proceeds go directly toward grants for kids.

Contact any board member for your tickets and they will get them to you.


Econo Foods Cash Register Receipts

SKY is accepting Econo Foods cash register receipts. Econo Foods will donate a percentage of each receipt amount to SKY.

You can give your receipts to any board member.




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Archived Events



boootsSomeone else’s shoes-

“One of our members, for example, was working with a child, whose job it was to shovel at home, keeping the pathway clear. He had the biggest heart and felt good about the job, as that was what he could do to help his family. He wore holey shoes with wool socks over them because he had no boots.

Our member supplied him with boots. The look on the boy’s face, the smile, the thank you, big blue eyes sparkling- made her realize the things she took for granted. That is why she’s a member of our organization.”